What Does TPMS Mean?

TPMS Sensors


TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and it uses tire pressure sensors to track the air pressure of your tires to alert you if it senses that one or more of your tires are not at the recommended pressure. Most new vehicles come equipped with this advanced safety technology, making it easy to keep your vehicle from experiencing tire failure and maintaining smooth vehicle handling on the Hood River roads. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our service center if you have any questions about this system or need to schedule an appointment.


What Are the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Features?

The tire pressure monitoring system was created to track the pressure inside your tires and alert you when the levels get too low. The TPMS dashboard warning light can either look like a flat tire with an exclamation point in the middle of it or illuminated letters “TPMS.” If your tire pressure light is on, it’s because your tires are underinflated, which can cause:

  • Poor traction
  • Decreased load carrying capability
  • A flat tire or blowout
  • Poor fuel economy

Short-term, having proper tire inflation protects you from potential accidents. In the long run, it can prevent your tires from wearing out early and optimizes your vehicle’s fuel economy. Having the tire pressure monitoring system allows you to keep track of your tire pressure during your Goldendale, WA travels without having to remember to check manually.

The Importance of Proper Tire Inflation

Both over- and under-inflation of tires can cause lots of unwanted issues for drivers. Whereas, a properly inflated tire will:

  • Reduce tread movement to increase the life of the tire
  • Reduce rolling resistance, which increases vehicle efficiency
  • Increase water dispersion, which decreases the likelihood of hydroplaning

Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual to learn more about what the proper tire pressure is for your vehicle. This is a fast and easy task that will save you money and stress in the long run.

When it comes to filling up your tires, your options are:

  • Many gas stations have tire filling areas separate from the pump station.
  • You can visit our The Dalles service center for full tire service.
  • If you need a little more air in your tires quickly, you can even use a bike pump!

Have Your Vehicle Inspected at C. H. Urness Motors Co.!

We’ve answered, “what does TPMS mean?”, now it’s time to make sure your vehicle continues performing at its best. When it’s time to schedule your next service appointment, be sure to explore our service specials to ensure you’re getting extra savings. Don’t hesitate to contact our service center if you have any questions in the meantime.

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