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How to Sell Your Car In Oregon

Are you planning on selling your car in Oregon, and trying to determine your vehicle trade-in value near Hood River? If so, you may be asking yourself, “What do I need to sell my car in Oregon?” No worries! C. H. Urness Motors Co. is here to cover everything you need to know. Take a moment to read our handy guide. Then, use our trade-in value calculator above and contact our finance department in The Dalles to take the next step. If you plan on taking the value of your vehicle in credit to put towards your next car, be sure to apply for financing in advance to streamline the process!

What Do I Need to Sell My Car in Oregon?

Not much! You’ll need to bring your license, along with the vehicle title. We also highly recommend that when selling your car in Oregon, you bring the service history, especially if you’ve kept up with your recommended service intervals. This can dramatically boost your vehicle trade-in value near Goldendale, WA. And if you have more than one key fob, be sure to bring it, as we’ll buy it!

Steps of Selling Your Car in Oregon

Once you’ve gathered your materials, the next step of how to sell your car in Oregon is to use our vehicle trade-in calculator above to get in an estimate of its vehicle trade-in value near Portland. Fill in the fields of the calculator with info about the vehicle’s model year, make, model, and trim level—and make note of any accessories or customizations it includes.

Once you get your estimate, print it out, and get in touch with our sales manager for an official inspection and appraisal. On the day of the appraisal, our sales manager will inspect your vehicle and make an official offer. You can accept it or reject it, and take the value in cash or credit. Be sure to clean your car to maximize your offer!

Reach Out to Our Sales Manager for Assistance

Do you have further questions about how to sell your car in Oregon? Would you like to schedule an appointment for an official appraisal? Whatever your needs are, call C. H. Urness Motors Co. at 541-402-2499 for assistance. And while you’re here, check out our car buying and selling tips for other helpful reads, including our used car buying checklist!

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