Returning a Leased Car with C. H. Urness Motors Co.

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Are nearing the end of your lease term or curious about returning a leased car early? Fortunately, the process is quick and easy! You can explore the process of returning a leased car with C. H. Urness Motors Co. in the guide below, and then stop by our dealership near Goldendale, WA for details on how to return your lease. If you have further questions about purchasing or leasing a vehicle, we’ve got you covered!

Returning a Leased Car: What to Bring With You

There are a few items to bring with you when you visit our dealership in The Dalles to return your lease:

  • Owner’s manual
  • Maintenance records
  • Repair receipts
  • Keys/spare keys
  • Vehicle inspection report

If you can’t find one or more of these items, we’ll likely be able to look up the missing info for you. You can also reach out to us ahead of time to keep the process running smoothly when the time comes to return your lease!

The Process of Returning a Leased Car

Even if you are returning a leased car early in Hood River, the process is very straightforward. Whether you leased your current car from us or from another dealership, you can return your lease with our team at C. H. Urness Motors Co.! Here’s what you can expect when returning a leased car early:

  1. Drop off your vehicle at our dealership. An appointment isn’t necessary, but we recommend it if you’d like to expedite the process!
  2. A specialist will inspect the vehicle for damage, overall quality, and other important factors.
  3. Any extra miles on the odometer that exceed the restrictions or any wear and tear are subject to penalty fees.
  4. After the inspection process is completed, you can upgrade to a newer model for a new lease, buy out your current leased vehicle, or walk away and go for any of our new or used vehicles.

Can You Return a Leased Car Early?

So, your lease term isn’t yet up—but your current car no longer meets your needs and it’s time for a new one. Can you return a leased car early? It’s important to check the contract with your leasing company, but for the most part, returning a leased car early is acceptable. There are still fees you’ll be required to pay, such as any early lease return penalty fees. Fortunately, returning a leased car early exempts you from making the remainder of your monthly lease payments, so you’re free to upgrade to a newer model!

Schedule Your Lease Return in The Dalles Today!

Our dealership is easy to reach from Portland, and we’re dedicated to making the lease return process as simple as possible. Have further questions about whether you can return your leased car early? We’re your go-to auto financing and leasing resource, so don’t hesitate to reach out!


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