How to Avoid Paying Sales Tax on a Used Car

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The recent rate of inflation has resulted in all of us paying more for just about everything. That has a lot of households thinking about how they can cut costs, including how to avoid paying sales tax on a used car. If paying less for your used car is at the top of your mind, we’ve got you covered at C. H. Urness Motors Co.! We can guarantee that our Hood River-area customers won’t need to worry about paying sales tax on the car they plan to register and use here. Why? Keep reading to learn more.

How to Avoid Paying Sales Tax on a Used Car: Stay in Oregon!

We’re happy to report that the state of Oregon does not charge sales tax on either used cars or new cars. So, if you’re a Goldendale, WA resident and wondering how to avoid paying sales tax on a used car, we recommend that you buy your car at a dealership like C. H. Urness Motors Co. in The Dalles and then register and drive it in Oregon.

What Other States Don’t Charge Sales Tax?

You don’t have to live in Oregon to get a break on sales tax when purchasing a vehicle. These other states don’t charge sales tax on used or new cars:

  • Alaska
  • Delaware
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • Oregon

Can You Avoid Paying Sales Tax if You Live in Another State?

Suppose you live in a state that does charge sales tax for new and used vehicles. Can you avoid paying sales tax if you buy your car in a state like Oregon that doesn’t charge taxes? Every state’s laws are different, but in most cases, if you live in a state that charges sales tax on cars, you are responsible for paying that tax, even if you bought your car in a state that does not charge sales tax. For example, if a Washington resident were to buy a car in Oregon and then try to register it in Washington, a use tax, which is the same rate as sales tax, would be charged.

Avoid Paying Sales Tax on a Used Car at C. H. Urness Motors Co.

Now that you don’t worry about the burden of sales tax, come check out our wide selection of fine new and used vehicles—from rugged Jeep SUVs to powerful Dodge muscle cars to spacious Chrysler minivans. We’re just down the road from Portland, so don’t wait to drop by or contact us online!



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