Look into the Interior of the Dodge Journey at C.H. Urness Motor Company

Finding a midsize SUV to take you around in The Dalles might seem like a difficult task but there is a great one available to you. The Journey is a popular option from Dodge with all of the interior features that you could ever want.

Do you ever struggle as the driver of a vehicle to get the driver's seat set up just right? Do you find yourself adjusting the seat over and over again without ever getting comfortable? The six-way adjustable seat in the Journey will help you get yourself set up just right behind the wheel.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a spot in your vehicle where you could put ice and all of your favorite drinks so that you could be prepared for tailgate get-togethers? The Dodge Journey has a cooler built into its floor that will help you keep drinks cold and at the ready.



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