Don’t Ignore a Soft Brake Pedal

When you notice a change in the feel of your brake pedal, your brake lines could be leaking fluid and about to fail. The brake fluid creates the hydraulic pressure necessary for stopping the vehicle.

Exposure to the elements and rust could damage the brake lines. Similarly, corrosion could open up leaks in the internal piston of disc brake calipers. Drum brakes on the rear wheels could also be a source of leaks. The master cylinder that distributes brake fluid might wear out and leak as well. Replacement is required if any of these components fail. Potentially, only air in the brake lines is softening the pedal. Bleeding the lines and adding fresh fluid will solve that issue.

Functioning brakes are essential for safety. Visit C.H. Urness Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in The Dalles so that our qualified technicians can fix the problem.

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