What Does It Mean When the Tire Pressure Monitoring Light Comes On?

If you have a car produced in 2008 or after, you have a tire pressure monitoring system. This system has a set of wireless sensors that monitor the air pressure in your tires. Some of these sensors operate off the anti-lock brake system that senses the number of tire revolutions in relation to the other tires. Some tire pressure monitoring sensors are hooked to the wheel well to measure the amount of bulge in your tire. Others have sensors inside the tires that measure the air pressure.

When the light indicator comes on, it means that one of the sensors registered low air pressure in one of your tires. When you see your tire pressure monitor indicator light illuminate, you should pull over and measure your tire pressure.

At C.H. Urness Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in The Dalles, we check your tire pressure during every service appointment.

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