Helping Emergency Responders to Complete Their Mission

You can do this by understanding and obey the move over laws for whatever state you live or visit. Unfortunately, the public’s awareness of these laws is still low. The result is that up to 200 roadside workers lose their lives each year in the line of duty. Even one life lost is too many. It’s even more shocking that nearly seven in ten Americans have never heard of move over laws.

States enact these laws for the benefit of everyone. Motorists can help by becoming more aware of what to do when they hear a siren or see flashing lights. Depending on their state laws, and their own reactions, motorists can move over, stop, or slow down. The goal is to give safe passage to those on their way to assist others in need.

Our dealership would love for you to spread the word of why it matters to pull over and grant the right of way for emergency responders.

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