Tips for Avoiding a Tire Blowout on the Roads

Avoiding a tire blowout on your car comes down to you paying more attention to the condition of your tires.

When the front end is not correctly aligned, the tires can wear unevenly and expose weaknesses that can lead to a blowout. Schedule a front-end alignment to correct the issue that can result from hitting the curb with the car.

If you have not gotten the tires rotated recently, now is the time. Not only will rotating the tires help them to wear more evenly, this gives you a chance for a mechanic to get a closer look at the issues with the tire treads.

Take a look at the tire treads at least once a week for issues like bulges or cracks that appear out of the ordinary.

If in doubt, bring the car to C.H. Urness Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram so we can get expert eyes on all the tire treads to identify any serious concerns.
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